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9 Ball By The Rack

             3 Different divisions
           Base on 3 * player teams 
          Standered * Max Handicap 16 
            Open * Max Handicap  20
        Advance * Max Handicap  27  

Open* Only 2 senior players per round

Advance* Any Player Can play any Round

No time outs, Push Rule & 3 -Foul Rule in All divisions

Max Handicap 16  Rules

 Only one senior player in each round. Senior players are 6 and up. No player can play the same opposing player twice within the 1st thru 3rd round or it is loss of game. Team Captain may substitute any player in the line-up for any other player on the roster prior to the start of each round only.  Opposing Team Captain must be notified of a change in the line-up.  If a player is pulled out of the line-up, the player must sit out one round before that player may be re-inserted into the line-up. If that same player is re-inserted into the line-up after sitting out one round, they must be re-inserted into the same player # they were originally assigned. A regular or substitute player may not play the same opponent twice.  Should this occur, it will be a forfeit of that particular game only by the team causing the double play to occur.  Once a round has begun, no line-up changes may be made in that round. First team to 14 wins (Men’s Team winners bracket)  10 wins (Men’s losers bracket and all Women’s brackets), wins the match. Wins are calculated in order of play.        

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