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8 Ball Rules

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We Carry a Custom Cue line.

Welcome to the Pool League Association:

Teams will be divided up into different divisions.   

Teams will be made up of 2 to 8 players: Captain, Co-Captain and up to 6 other players.   

 2, 3 ,4 or 5 Five matches will be played a night according to division.

Only one player per match unless you use the Replay rule and stay within the Conditions of the 16, 20 and 24 Rule.


Teams have 5 weeks to add or drop players after 5 weeks has to be approved by League operator.

League operator can play on any team without being on a roster if he or she is available. (If league operator does play, the opposing team has the right to refuse and opt to play a make-up match instead.  The opposing team can also choose who plays the league operator in a match.) .

League operator cannot play in Play-offs, Qualifiers or State Qualifiers.

If you play pool in any other League, your Handicap / Skill Level will be used as a GUIDELINE ONLY in the P.L.A. 


In the PLA you can move Up or Down instantly Win, Lose or Playing in a match.


Now Let’s Play Pool   

Game starts by flipping a coin to see what team puts out the first player. The team that wins the coin toss chooses to put out a player first or chooses to let the other team put out a player first.  

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1. Lagging:

       To see what player breaks first is determined by lagging.  

A: IF balls come in contact with each other, Re-lag.  

B:  IF any ball hits a side rail or goes in a pocket it is a loss of the lag.  

C: The closest ball to the rail where you lag from Win’s the lag.  

D: Winner of the Lag Breaks.    

E: If you can't determine a winner of the lag, players can agree to relag.

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2: Racking  

Bar's must have a set of regular pool balls for league night.

It will be the choice of the winner of the lag if they want to rack their own rack or have the opponent rack.  

*All balls should be touching and put on the foot spot with the 1 Ball in front and the 8 Ball in the middle of the triangle rack. If a templet is being used players must agree upon removal.

3: Breaking  

Begin behind the head string. To be a legal break, the first or second Ball must be struck first, and four balls must hit a rail, or a ball is pocketed.  

A: When a Break does not qualify as a legal break, balls are re-racked and broken by the same player.  

B: If the Cue Ball hits any rail before the break. This is a re-rack and same player breaks.  

C: If Cue Ball goes off the table during the break and it is not a legal break, Balls are re-racked and opposite player breaks.

D: If Cue Ball goes off the table or Cue Ball goes in a pocket (scratches) after hitting the rack and it is a legal break, Cue Ball is placed behind the head string. Opposite players turn.                 

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4: After the Break

         A: If any ball/balls are pocketed, it is an open table, same player keeps on playing until they miss.  

This means call the pocket that you are trying to get your object ball into. It doesn’t matter if it hits a rail or another ball as long as it goes in the pocket you called.

         B:You must hit your object ball first and it must be pocketed, or another ball must hit a rail, failing to do so results in “ball in hand”  

         C: Combination off the Break: You can combo any object balls of the break, the next shot must be the same object ball that was pocketed. If you don’t make your next shot, it is open table to opposite player.

    1. If no balls are pocketed, it is opposite players turn and it is an open table.  

    2. If the 8 Ball is pocketed, this is not a Win. The 8 Ball is to be placed on the foot spot. If the foot spot is taken, place the 8 Ball directly behind it, as close as possible to the other ball.  The same player continues shooting and it is an open table.

    3. If the 8 Ball is pocketed and Cue Ball scratches, this is not a Loss. The 8 Ball is to be placed on the foot spot. If the foot spot is taken, place the 8 Ball directly behind it, as close as possible to the other ball.  It is the opposite players turn from behind the head string and it is an open table.  

    3a.On the break if any ball/balls are hit off the table and land on the floor, including the 8 Ball, they are to be placed behind each other on the foot spot in order of 8 Ball first, solid, strip etc. If foot spot is taken, place the ball/balls right behind the other ball and as close as possible to each other. The player continues shooting only if ball/balls were pocketed.                                

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5. Ball/s Knocked on the Floor:

            If a ball/s are hit off the table and land on the floor during a game, they are to be placed immediately, behind each other on the foot spot in order of solid, strip etc. If foot spot is taken, place the ball/balls directly behind the other ball and as close as possible to each other. The same player continues shooting only if a ball/balls was pocketed of his/her category. If the 8 Ball was hit off the table this is LOSS OF GAME. If Cue Ball is hit off table this is a scratch.    

6. Marking the Table:  


Marking is Not Allowed in any shape or form. No chalk marks of any kind, finger/handprints, powder marks, wet marks, any kind of objects etc.… NO KIND OF MARKING IN ANY WAY PERIOD. This includes during timeout; the coach must walk away from the table before player shoots. 

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7. Foot on Floor:  

        A player must have at least one foot on floor while shooting. If a player is in any kind of wheelchair/scooter they must remain seated while shooting their shot.

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8. Loss of Game 

         1: If the 8 Ball goes in a pocket during the game this is a called 8OT (Eight out of Turn).  If you scratch on the 8 Ball while you are playing your match, this is SO8 (Scratch on Eight). Other than the break, this is a LOSS OF GAME. If this happens, please mark score sheet (8ot) or (So8).  

2: If you alter the 8 Ball in any way while you are on the 8 Ball.  

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9. Max Handicap (16. 21 & 24 ) Rule:

 This is when you add up the total of the players Handicaps. If teams agree on going over the 16/20/24 Rule it’s allowed.

A team playing less players, you must have the ranking numbers to add up to the 16/21 Rule.

If you are playing the Replay Rule, and you still have to forfeit, you also have to add up to the 16/21 Rule.


You can only play two senior players a night, senior players are 6, 7 and 8.  A team can only play one 7 or 8 in a night.       


Four players whose combined skill levels do not exceed 21, can forfeit the fifth match. If the team’s skill levels increase to the point where the skill levels of the lowest four players on the roster exceed 21, then they can play three players to 16 and forfeit the fourth and fifth matches.                                                             


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10.Replay / Ghost Rule ( 2022 )

                   When a team doesn’t have enough players, they will be allowed to use this rule only once in a night of play, in one match only. Teams can agree to play second Replay Rule / Ghost.  Players that have already played must still be there for this rule to be in effect or the teams can agree on a player(s) leaving early.                                                             

 If a team only has two players show up, they can play the replay rule for the third match. 


Teams need to call league operator 1 hour before start time. If a team doesn't want to play Replay Rule / Ghost they have to give league operator the names of players that are showing up. A make-up match will be allowed only for players that haven't played. Opponents team picks player. A Replay / Ghost Rule must be played before a make-up match is allowed.

The other team gets to pick a player that has already played. They cannot pick a player that causes them to go over the 24 Rule! If the replay is being used in the fifth match However, if both teams agree on going over the 24 rules, then it can be allowed. If both teams have to use the Replay Rule / Ghost Rule both teams get to pick the player.


Max play is 5 per session. If a team uses 5, they will not be able to receive a bye in Qualifiers in that session only.Once a team reaches 5 the other teams can agree to let them play or forfeit. No make ups. This will only be allowed two times then teams will have to forfeit.

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11. Time Outs:  ( 2022 )  

           Limit on time-outs is 2 minutes! Anybody can call a time out. It is the player’s choice if they want to take the time out. During the time out only the coach can go to the table with the player, if the couch calls on another player to come to the table, the shooter must go stand away from the table and talk to NO ONE (there is a maximum of two players at table at once, and not allowed to call a third person or change the second person that went to the table) Only the coach can talk to the player and must be at table and can only coach with in the 2 minutes. Team must tell other team their are being timed. A warning is to be giving, if continues and or happens again, Ball in hand giving to opponent.

  • Players Ranked from 2 through 4 have (2) time outs per rack. 


  • Players Ranked from 5 through 8 have (1) time out per rack. 

12. Pocketed Balls:  

           Ball/balls that are in a pocket must remain in a pocket to be legal. If any ball/balls go in a pocket and bounces back on the pool table is in not a pocketed ball, even if it is the 8 Ball or Cue Ball. If a ball/balls bounces out of a pocket on to floor ball/balls must be spotted, unless it’s the 8 Ball then this is a LOSS OF GAME, if it’s the Cue Ball this is a scratch. If any ball hangs in a pocket for more than 3 seconds then falls into the pocket, it is to be place back on the table where it was originally.

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13. Combination Shots:  

           You have to hit your object ball first and call the ball you want to go into the pocket. The 8 Ball is neutral; just remember you must hit your object ball first. This also means 8 Ball cannot be hit first on an open table situation.  

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14. Sportsmanship:  (2022)

Any valid complaints against you can lead to probation, suspension or cancellation of your Pool League Association membership.

                                                    PHYSICAL CONTACT and VERBAL ABUSE is not tolerated.


                   Physical contact is not tolerated. Physical contact includes, but is not limited to, bumping, shoving, pushing or hitting. Although this contact normally involves members engaged in League play, Local League Management should impose a penalty when a non member is involved if it is deemed the non-member involved is associated with one

of the teams. Whether a non-member is associated with one of the teams is a judgment call to be made at the sole discretion of Local League Management.

                               IMMEDIATE ACTION - If physical contact occurs, the match is over. There is one issue for the League Operator to resolve in such a situation: whether only one team was guilty of physical contact or both teams were guilty of physical contact. When physical contact occurs, your League Operator must exercise one of the following two options:


                                  A. Where only one team was involved. If it occurred during League play, the offending team loses all points. The non-offending team will receive All points. If the match took place during Session Playoffs or any type of Tournament, the non-offending team would advance to the next round.


                                  B. Where both teams were involved. If this occurred during League play, neither team would receive any points for the night. If it occurred during Session Playoffs or Tournament play, both teams would be disqualified. Your League Operator has no alternative other than to implement one of the two options above. Local League Management cannot consider who started it, nor should they consider whether the retaliation, if any occurred, was justified.  The only

way both teams can avoid the same penalty is for one of the teams to refuse to retaliate no matter what provocation they may have to endure.




                                 Verbal abuse consists of any name calling, threats or any other language that could reasonably be considered harassment, an effort to provoke a player or team, or an attempt to cause embarrassment to the opponent. Local League Management will always have to make judgments in this area. Immediate Action - If your League Operator can determine that only one team, or person associated with that team, engaged in verbal abuse, the individual match must be forfeited to the non-offending player. A team will be held responsible for any verbal abuse coming from the

players on its roster, or anyone who is associated with the team.


                                 If your League Operator determines that the verbal abuse put the non-offending team in an unfair competitive situation, they have the discretion to declare a forfeit of the entire match. If both teams engage in verbal abuse, your League Operator has discretion to penalize the teams or players by altering the final results of the team match or of individual match(es). If a team engages in verbal abuse during Session Playoffs or Tournaments, your League Operator has the authority to disqualify the team, as such behavior is extremely disruptive.

Probation Terms:

                                A player who is placed on probation must be a current PLA member and actively participating throughout the entire term of the probation to complete their probation period. Players who drop out or quit while on Probation, and who later seek to return to League play, will be required to serve the amount of time that was left on their probation period at the time they dropped or quit.


                                             A.  Person who consistently uses foul, provocative or intimidating language  will receive 

probation, though the probation  period could be longer if they have committed a prior violation of these Rules, or committed other sportsmanship violations.

                                             B.  A person who engages in a lesser degree of verbal abuse should be placed on probation,

 or suspension, depending on what the Local League Management deems appropriate under the circumstances. 

                                             C. Player is suspended for two weeks and not allowed to play or show up with the teams involved in the same session and in the following session.


Suspension Terms:

                                Players who are suspended may not participate in any League activities and forfeit their eligibility to participate in any Tournament(s) that may occur during their suspension term.


                                     A:  It is recommended that players who are suspended not attend League matches. Those that

attend League matches while on suspension and are disruptive face stiffer penalties. All suspension terms will be followed by a one-year probationary term. Any individual or team suspended from League play will immediately lose certain other membership privileges, including but not limited to, eligibility and/or qualification for Tournaments, until and unless the suspension is lifted. 

                                      Once a player is suspended, that player will not have the privilege to coach their team, keep score, strategize or put up players until their suspension has been lifted. Breaking this rule may result in a longer suspension. You joined this League to have a good time and so did other members. Every member has the right to be treated in a sportsmanlike manner, and members who display offensive behavior will not be tolerated. It is important that all team members be aware of PLA's Rules of Conduct. Teams should consider dropping anyone from their roster who does not agree to comply with these rules.

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15. Equipment:  

Any piece of equipment specifically designed for the billiards game will be allowed, lasers are not allowed.  

16. General Rules:  

A. Movement of Ball/Balls: 

Any ball/balls that are moved are to be placed back. If a ball is moved and other ball/balls are in motion and hit ball/balls that where moved ball/balls opponent decides to leave , place back or spot all balls behind each other closed as possible. 

B. Safety Shots:  

A Safety Shot is when a player hit’s their object ball, and the object ball or any other ball hits a rail.

C. Frozen Ball:

                 A Frozen Ball is when a ball is against the rail. If a ball is frozen, you must tell your opponent that the ball is frozen before the Cue Ball is hit.  If this is so, and they want to do a safety shot, it will be done as a safety should be done. If ball is not called frozen then the player may shoot as a normal shot.                                                      

D.  Jumping a Ball:  

                 You must execute the shoot properly by hitting the top of the Cue Ball for it to be a Legal Jump Shot, any form of hitting the bottom of the Cue Ball or scooping it on purpose is not allowed. Miscuing is not a foul, unless the Ball in Hand comes into play.

E. Ball in Hand:  

                     Ball In Hand is when you get to place the Cue Ball anywhere on the playing surface of the pool table, with the exception of the break.  

F. Shot Clock

                 Shot Clock implementation is at the sole discretion of the PLA, its Players, representatives or tournament officials. When a shot clock is utilized, it shall be used for both players competing and in the following manner:   

Each player is allotted 1:00 minute for each shot. Each player gets one warning, before a “ball in hand” foul shall be granted to the opponent. The shot clock is to be started once all balls come to rest and when player walks away from table. Then the opponent has 5 seconds to approach table.  The timekeeper (designated player or representatives) shall call out “Ten Seconds!” once (90) seconds mark has been reached only if the shooter is not down on the shot in preparation to shoot. Once one (1:00) minute has been reached on the shot clock, the shooter must either be stroking or have shot. If the shooter rises (gets off the shot) without execution after the one (1:00) minute mark has been reached, it shall result in a “ball in hand” foul to the opponent.

G. Score Keeping

                  Each team keeps their own score. You can ask score after each rack.  Don't ask the other team how many innings, defensive shots, ball in hands etc. ln order to receive incentives both team score sheets have to match. Players make sure score keepers from both teams mark it on the score sheets.

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17. Forfeits:

                                             If a Player quites during a match it will be considered a forfeit.

You must start at the time that is set in your league area. If a team player is not there within 15 minutes of start time they forfeit the first match, 15 minutes after will forfeit the night, unless a phone call is made 30 minutes before start time to the League operator, Division Rep or Regional Rep.                                                                                           

Three matches must be played before any Forfeit points can be added.

         A full night Forfeit is 5pts. 

         Night with a Bye is 3 pts

         Each Forfeit is 1pt.   After Third Match.

If three matches are not played this will count as a full night forfeits.

Forfeit matches must be paid by both teams that night.

18. Once play Starts.

       1.When a player is called to his/her match, player is to go to the table to lag.

If player does not go to the table in a timely matter.

(About 30 seconds.) This will be a forfeit match call the next match.

Example:  No going to smoke, talk or get a drink……. check with your Captain when you are playing next while matches are going on!!!!

      2.Once play starts, matches are to be continuous play. When one match ends in a timely matter (about 30-45 seconds.) next match should be called. Captain, Co- Captain and players on the team pay attention on the matches check in with the score keeper.

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19. Make up Matches: 

         Any makeup match must be made up within 4 weeks from the original match date or forfeits will be awarded.

         The replay/ghost rule must be played first before any make up matches are allowed.

No makeup matches are allowed within the last 2 weeks of any session unless it’s approved by League operator.  

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20. Ranking/handicap/skill level: ( 2022 )

            New players start as a 3. Use online for Ranking/handicap/skill level for weekly play. Any player that has played in any pool leagues must give correct ranking/handicap/ skill level, if wrong handicap is giving player will be raised and must play 5 games until ranking will be readjusted. If a player is caught not playing to their potential all points will be taken away from the team that player made for the team and points will be given to the other teams. Player will be raised 2 full rankings and will have to play 5 games until ranking will be re-adjusted.


Captains will be warned and if caught a second time, they will never be allowed to be a captain again. 

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21. Splitting Matches: ( 2022 )

            A team match is normally played on one table, if a second table of the same size is available teams can agree on splitting tables by the third or fourth match or two and a half hours after the official League start time, teams can put up their next player and start play on a second table.

The next match would then be played on the first table that becomes available. 

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22. Addendums: (2022 )

        From time to time there may be addendums issued by the PLA to the Official PLA Rulebook, and it is each individual player’s responsibility to keep current, the year and date will be added to anything new from 2021 to present.


             Any rule or situation not covered in this text shall be decided in an expedient manner by the League Operator, his/her appointed representative or any administrative member of the PLA in accordance with PLA ideals and guidelines for the purposes of league play to continue. Such expedient rulings shall then be made known to the administration of the PLA Corporate Office and it’s Touring Professionals before further instruction or implementation of the matter is finalized.


These rules are consistent nationwide and are not to be altered in any way, shape, or form. The implementation of any “Bylaws,” or any other document, is strictly prohibited by PLA Corporate Office.

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24.Cue Ball: ( 2022 )

            Cue ball is all ways live if you hit with a pool cue, bridge or of any object like chalk etc. this will be a ball in hand.

If using your pool cue in a ball in hand, it cannot touch the Feral or tip, if using a bridge it cannot touch the cue ball this will be a ball in hand to the opponent.  

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25.Pay Outs / Incentives: ( 2022/ 2023 )

         If teams and or players quit, no incentive will be given to teams or players. They must be active.

        New pay out structure from 2022 to present is based on how many teams and weeks are played in a session.

  7 - Teams and under only  1st Place will be paid out. 

 8 - 9 Teams only the top three teams will be paid out.  Top shooter and MVP will only receive one incentive.

 10 Teams or more, Top three teams get paid out.

***Top Shooter and MVP will receive one or more a T-shirt, trophy and or an incentive. ***

Nationals: Players must be on an active team roster. Players that can't go can give their spot to any active P.L.A. player.

If players don't go after trip is booked. They will have to pay back the League for all the expenses!

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26.Playoff's / Qualifiers / States. 

In order for a team to win a trip to nationals, Pool League Association must have 3 full sessions played: Spring, Summer and Fall in the same year. 

                        A: Teams must play 2 sessions in the same year to qualify. Players must be on an active roster for the national event, (The winning team of states has to play following spring session).Teams that win the trip to national's, will have matching collar shirts including a 4 x 3 or bigger PLA logo on front or on sleeve.  Teams that win States, Players on the fall roster go to National Event. Rules that are not Followed all money is forfeit that is owed to teams or players.

Due to COVID-19 Any Player in Year of 2021 only need 3 matches played & 2022 only need 5 matches played. 


New Players need  7 matches played in a session.

Establish players need 5 matches played in a session. 


Playoffs will be for a qualifying spot for Qualifiers and Qualifiers for States.

Prize money, Achievements and trophies will be awarded at the end of each session.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Teams can only have 1 Qualifying Bid at a Time.  Any time that a team splits they must have 2 or more points. The other team that is formed gets the remaining points not to exceed more than 2 points.                                                              


Team's must have 2 “Original” players on a 4-player roster.

Team's must have 3 “Original” players on a 6-player roster.

Team's must have 4 “Original” players on a 8 player roster.

Teams that finish 1st & 2nd place in a regular session do not play in play offs.  They will go to qualifiers and receive a bye in the first round at qualifiers, teams will play in the 2nd round to receive qualifying points for the states. 


Teams that reach the 4 points fisrt and thier is a bye, the teams well draw cards or flip a coin to see receive the bye.   

Teams with 0 pts and 1pt will be joined in Qualifiers.Teams with 1pt with odd number of teams can recive a bye.1-1-2024      

How points are received:

         A: Teams that have earned 4 points automatically qualify for the state championship and have to maintain a 50%                    win ratio or they will lose 1 point and have to play in the qualifiers.

         B:  Teams that finish 1st or 2nd place in regular session each team receives 1 point and first round bye.

         C:  For all wins in Qualifiers and State's each team receives 1 point.

         D: Teams can only receive one bye in Qualifiers and one bye State's will receive 1 point. 

         E: Teams that receive a Earned bye for qualifiers receives 1 point. If this is the 4th point qualifing for the state                           championship, teams are not allowed to play in qualifiers.

         F: If a team has 5 points going into the states and there is odd number of teams the will receive a bye 1st                        Round. Team's that reach 6 points first will receive 1st round by in Vegas Match.

         G: Any teams that play in fall session that are not qualified to play for national event will be entered in a Bonus Point Tournament with any teams that lost in the fall qualifiers and states will be entered in this Tournament. The winner of the Bonus Point Tournament will receive 1 point for  the spring qualifier in the following year. If the team doesn't play in the spring qualifier the following year bonus point will be forfeited.

         H: Any teams that don't have two points going into the fall qualifiers are not allowed to receive any bye unless no team to play against.

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27. Qualifiers / States Rules:

First Team to win 3 match wins.

No players around the table at any time, only the player that is shooting. 

Replay / Ghost rule:

Is not allowed in playoffs, qualifiers and states.


 Time Limit:

            4 Hour time limit. When time is up the next match starts sudden death, 1 rack will be played for each remaining matches.

Time Outs:

          One time out per player per game. If coach calls a time out player has to take it. If player calls time out coach can refuse it! One minute time out. Only player and coach at the table on a time out, coach and player are not allowed to talk to any other players on the team during a time out.                                                                                                             


Score Keeping:

          Each team keeps their own Score Don't ask the other team how many innings, defensive shots, ball in hands etc... 

In order to receive incentives both team score sheets have to match.  Players make sure score keepers from both teams mark it on the score sheets.

Mark Pocket:         

         When shooting the 8 Ball, pocket must be marked. Teams can tell the player to mark your pocket.

  You cannot use chalk as a marker.     

If a team uses 5 replay /ghost rule they will not be able to receive a bye in Qualifiers.


28.Teams that Quit:  4/13/22

            If a team quits during the session, their opponents has the choice of bye points which is 3 points or pay the nightly dues and receive 5 points. No points will be giving to a team if they chooses the 5 points until dues are receive. Dues have to be mailed that week or in the following weeks paper work. If not received bye points well be rewarded. 

A team that drops out during a session will be required to pay all past dues, the balance of all dues they would have owed had they completed the session, before they would be allowed to play in the League. League operator will contact each player to discuss amount owed.

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29. Tie Breakers: 4/13/22

                Teams that tie at the end of the session is determined on their records against each other during session played. If the result is a tie it will go to the team scored the most points during the session between the two teams that have tied. If the result is still a tie the teams will have to do a playoff match race to three. Location determined by following the schedule.

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30. Captains' Tournament: 

             Captains have to be a captain for three full sessions in same year to receive incentive giving out from the league operator. If you are not a captain for three full sessions in same year, you can still play in the captain's tournament.                              


Players must be on an active roster.                                                                                                                                           

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32. Extra Point's :

           Take a picture of the scores or score sheet and send it to the email that is on the score sheet, or the email provided by your league operator in your state. This will update the scores the next day as long as PLA receive every team's E-mail.  If PLA does not received paperwork in the mail or Email, on time and is not completed correctly or for non-payment extra points will be taken away.  One time Forgiving per team per session.

Each team keeps their own Score, Don't ask the other team how many innings, defensive shots, ball in hands etc... 

In order to receive incentives both team score's have to match. Players make sure score keepers from both teams mark it on the score sheet or how the score is being scored.

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33. 3-Man Team * 5 Man Roster: 

                 Three matches a night will be played.  You can only play one senior player a night, senior player is a 6, 7 and 8.  A team can only play two five's in a night. Reply /Ghost Rule is aloud after first match.

Fifteen - (15) Rule Max Handicap.

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34.Money Owed:   

        Weekly Dues are do the night of play.  Any Team or player that owes money, has to be paid night of play. If not paid, they forfeit play off bid and any Qualifying Bid if they have one.

35. Achievements:

                              Both score sheets must be marked for players to receive their achievements. It is players responsibility to make sure both score sheets are marked. 

                               A: Rack & Run when there is no dead balls on the break or when there are no balls droped on break.

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36. Adding & Dropping Players  

Teams have 5 weeks to add or drop players, after 5 weeks has to be approved by League operator.

                         Teams have to call league operator after 5 weeks of each session.

Teams have to tell the other team adding players tonight before the first rack is broken.

The player can't play, Unless the player is listed on-line.

     A:   When a team becomes over handicaped, teams can replace a player/s with lower handicaps. 

     B:   Players quite and teams don't have enough players.

     C:   When teams have players forced to play a player every week for more then five weeks.

     D:   When not enough weeks in a session for new player to play seven matches or five matches for established player to qualify for playoffs. 

     E:  If a player was all ready on a roster and has played in the session, they can be added on a roster.

The cutoff date will be at week 12 on a 17 week session or more. If less then 17 weeks in a session cut off date will be determined.  Refer to rule D.

     F: You can only replace a player with same handicap or lower.       


Any player of PLA can E-mail us and have a rule added or changed.

The Board of directors will review and let you know our decision.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

(401) 305-5656

Updates were done on the following dates from 2021 to present.

00. League operator update  7/08/22

10. Replay / Ghost Rule:  3/24/2022 ,5/30/22 ,1/1/23

11. Time Outs: 4/04/22

14. Sportsmanship: 08/20/22

20. Ranking/handicap/skill level: 1/23/22, 07/01/23

21. Splitting Matches: 3/17/22

22. Addendums: 3/20/22

24. Cue Ball: 4/02/22

25. Pay Outs: 4/02/22  1/10/23 , 5/23/23

26. Playoff's / Qualifiers / States: 4/10/22 , 1/1/23, 1-1-24

32. Extra Point's: 2-8-24

36. Adding Dropping players 8/22/23 ,4/26/24













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