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  Pick Your Game Rules

                          Refer to 8*9*10 Ball Rules
                    Except for the following By Laws

                                  3 - Player Teams ** 4 Player Roster



                                                     When choosing 9 or 10 Ball 

                                     Players rank as 2, 3 and 4 play as thier Rank.

                                               Players rank as 5 play as a 6

                                               Players rank as 6 play as a 7

                                               Players rank as 7 play as a 8

                                               Players rank as 8 play as a 9

                                                           Sixteen-(16 Rule) Max Handicap 

                                                        Is based on 8 Ball Rank










This is when you add up the total of the three players Rank. If teams agree on going over the

16 Rule it’s allowed, if you are playing the Replay Rule, and you still have to forfeit, you also

have to add up to the 16 Rule.                                                                                                                                                       


Any rule or situation not covered in this text shall be decided in an expedient manner by the League Operator, his/her appointed representative or any administrative member of the PLA in accordance with PLA ideals and guidelines for the purposes of league play to continue.

Such expedient rulings shall then be made known to the administration of the PLA Corporate Office and it’s Touring Professionals before further instruction or implementation of the matter is finalized.

1.  Bylaws

These rules are consistent nationwide and are not to be altered in any way, shape, or form. The implementation of any “Bylaws,” or any other document, is strictly prohibited by PLA Corporate Office.

2.  Addendums

From time to time there may be addendums issued by the PLA to the Official PLA Rulebook, and it is each individual player’s responsibility to keep current.

(401) 305-5656

Last up Date 10/10/21

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